Saturday, July 7, 2012

New ring made (fast) after a vacation!

Wow...just got back from vacation...
I jotted down jewelry ideas all week.  I packed some colored pencils for the kids...but I ended up using them on some sketches.  However, I didn't touch a tool the whole time I was on vacation.  I usually take "something" with me.  I either take some earring finding tools and some wire or my tool "kit" for making Viking necklaces...or something...but NOT this time.  I did manage to run across a store called "Direct Tools" and I ducked in for a look.  I found some really nice pliers for delicate I bought two pair:-)

Anyway...when we arrived home we looked at the damage caused by the storm and unpacked a little.  I made dinner for the kiddo's and watered the plants.  Then I headed upstairs to look over all the stuff I had left on my bench.  For some reason I started looking at my gemstones and decided it was time to set one of them in a ring.  After all, I never made that cocktail ring for myself and we came back from vacation 3 days I figured I had some time to spare.  I set off making a cage setting for my dazzling blue topaz :-)
I am usually a pretty slow butt when it comes to making rings.  But believe it or not this one only took me about 6 hours!!!  That's a huge record for me. It usually takes 2-3 days!! I made a quick tutorial on this's the second one on my tutorial page!


I am pretty happy with it.
I guess the vacation was a good idea!!!