Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well... I am BACK, and it FEELS GOOD!!!!!

Below are some pieces I have made really recently or they are pieces I worked on eons ago and am finally finishing!!!

These earrings are made of sterling silver and enamel (glass)... these are from my old "Bubble" series that I love to revisit and make different designs. 

One of my favorite earring designs...curves and textured circles....reminiscent of a flower.  Made of sterling and 18 karat gold. 

From the "Remnants" series....this is my new baby.  Made of sterling, 24 karat gold, topaz and a patina.  Love this...but of course, I made them!!  :-)

The "Remnants" series focuses on the beauty and life of Pompeii, before and after the eruption. 

To learn more about this series, click here to go to my website!!

Just a nice classic design.  Made of sterling and topaz.