Saturday, October 19, 2013

Future Gallery Space

I just finished up a holiday show.  I enjoyed it...but there is sooooooooo much packing and lugging involved.
Below are some of the pieces I made for the show!!!

These are my cute little stackable rings.  I absolutely LOVE them.  They are VERY bright and cute in person.  They just kind of put you in a happy place (mood).  :-)

This is actually a piece of sea glass that I picked up from the beach while I was on vacation last year.  I added some gold onto the back of the glass,  added the words on the front, set it in a sterling frame, added the topaz and the pearl...and volia' !!

More stackable rings...I am in the zone now...:-)

This is a piece that I have made several times. I just 
really like the shape!

Moving on...After doing all the organizing, packing, unpacking, packing up and unpacking...I think it would really be nice to have a more permanent place to show my work.  

I mean really... lets face the back of every jewelers mind..they would like their own gallery.  So lets dream a little...

Mine would hopefully look something like this, with this flavor!!!


What would your gallery look like???...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Emmy Jewelry: Sneak A Peek At the Jewelry You’ll See On The Red Carpet

I thought this was an interesting article on  jewelry that was spotted on the red carpet..  Even though the Emmy's were 3 weeks ago...I think it's still nice to look at what is trending.  These pieces are a good indication of what will be popular in the coming months as well! Some of the pieces in this article are so timeless.  I love the pearls, the big gold cuff bracelet, the hair pins and the super sparkly cocktail rings!
Btw...the gold inscribed cuff was made by my friend, Cassandra Erin.  Looks like she is gettin' famous!!!

What is your favorite piece??



 Marilyn Monroe's Hairpins

 Cocktail Rings
 See the full article at the link below!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips on Pickle, Wolf Clay and Mini Fiber Wheels

Hummm...just wanted to share a few things I have learned over the past few months.  Since I want to remember these things I thought I would blog them.

Going back to my pickle situation.  I was having a rough time with something messing with my pickle.  My Argentium would come out of the pickle pot with this nasty grey color all over it...and would not come off for anything...and I mean nothing would take that color off my silver.  I was using Argentium...and I don't know if it was some kind of mineral in my well water I started with or if the pickle was some how getting contaminated, but I threw everything out ...and started over.  New pickle pot, new pickle, distilled water, and a new charcoal block.  The pickle I decided to go with was an  environmentally friendly one called Otto Tech Citri-Pickle by Otto Frei of course!  When I purchased it back on 2.22.12, it was $5.95 for a 2 pound container.  I filled my crock pot 1/2 way full of distilled water and mixed in 8 scoops of pickle...and stirred until it was dissolved (you should mix it as 1 part pickle to 3 parts water).  It has worked like a charm...not one problem with that pickle.  I have made more since then, but yesterday I found my jar was empty.  Sigh...  I am expecting another container of citric acid from a different supplier (FTD) in a few days.  I hope this one works as well.  After I ordered it, I noticed that it was more expensive (twice) than my Otto Frei pickle.
So next time I will order from Otto Frei!!!  :-)

I have recently discovered something called Wolf Clay.  It's a soldering clay.  It has made complicated soldering jobs MUCH easier.  I got mine thru Jayne Redman, but I would think you could order it thru  I think it was $42.00 for a jar of it...which sounds like a lot but it is reusable so I hope mine will last for a LONGGGGGGGGG time!!  :-)

Lastly ...the mini fiber wheel pictured below is suppose to get rid of solder spills.  I haven't tried this yet, although I have these, I tend to use them for texturing the metal.  Now that I ran into this tip, you better believe I will be trying it out in the near future!!  :-)