Monday, May 15, 2017

2017...time has been flying by...

 What have I been up to lately...?

A bunch of experimenting really.  Seems like I am always looking for that one "look" that I can put my name on.  There are jewelers out there that you see their work and think, "Oh I know who made that piece".  I love adding color to my I am always drawn to enamels.  Below is a piece I made using separation enamel.  I don't know if I like it or not yet but it is definitively something I need to continue experimenting with. 

 The pieces below are a few pieces that I made over the last few months.  The pieces involve many layers of different types of enamel.  I had to figure out the timing of the layers so none of the colors would burn out.  Very time consuming especially when you don't take very good notes.  I have to say...keeping accurate notes is my week spot.  I can make something amazing and 6 months later I won't be able to replicate it because I didn't write something down as accurately as I should have.  I ALWAYS think I will remember it...but I never do!  :-(

Once you get into enameling it's really hard to stop at one technique...:-)

The above samples were made from layering vitreous enamels and adding in foils or my own crafted high fire decals...which I absolutely love doing.

More to come...stay tuned!  

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